Many of today’s applicants and schoolchildren have no idea how a college students life differs from the life of the same guy at school. Indeed, from the outside, it seems that the schoolboy and student are almost the same people. The same study, the same notes. But it only seems so. In fact, college life is very different from school.

Conventionally, we divide life in college into two parts. The first part deals directly with educational activities: attending lectures, seminars , sessions, etc. In the second part, we will reveal the main points outside the student’s academic life. The topics of what is college life really like: dormitory, personal life, plans for the future, etc. will be presented here.

What is “life in college”?

As soon as you arrive at the college, the first thing you will do is attend lectures. Lectures are theoretical classes in which various knowledge on the subject is given.

Seminars are a “practical” application of acquired knowledge. Usually, seminars consolidate the material covered: listening to reports on various topics and watching presentations.

Although we said that the first part of the article we will dedicate only the student’s academic life, it is here that it is necessary to say about non-educational activities. These events, in fact, are also part of the study, so we write about them here.

Everyone knows students live fun. And they do this thanks to participation in various events held within the walls of the university. Different holidays, like Miss and Mr. University – these events are essential attributes of student life. Therefore, as soon as you arrive at the university, be prepared that you will almost immediately be “recruited” to participate in various contests, shows, quizzes, etc.

You will most likely have a logical question: is it necessary to participate in this whole business? You came to the college to study, and not to engage in amateur performances.

While attending only lectures, you will soon get bored (as well as after the exams), but the memories from various holidays will remain with you for life.

Even if you forget something, the pictures taken at any event from your college life will refresh your memory. You will not take photos of lectures every timeto recall how they were arranged. But contests and fests will always be captured on photo and video cameras.

Therefore, if you are invited to take part in any competition, then be sure to agree on the condition that:

  • it is really interesting to you; 
  • participation in the competitions will not affect your academic performance. 

Still, you should put your studies in the first place, and only then everything else.

What is college like?

What is college life like when we set apart these studies? After all, learning does not end there. Every day you will leave the doors of your university, and go home. Therefore, below we will tell you about the basic affairs of students during college life which they do in their free time.

Living apart from parents

It’s good when you study in the same city where you have parents and your own room in the apartment. However, most freshmen come from other cities and live during their studies at a university in a dormitory. And the dormitory is, first of all, one of the stages of your life. A free life is full of all kinds of emotions.

Earning money

Any young student needs money. Indeed, now almost all entertainment is paid. Therefore, students have a question: where to find pocket money? Many of the students begin to work almost from the first year of their studies at the college.

Thus, such students unforgivably skip classes, which, ultimately, badly affects their performance. Such people often weigh in the balance from departure from the university.

Therefore, we immediately warn you against such a step. You do not have to work all day if you are studying full-time! This is the law. Forget about working all day. It is not for you.

Falling in love

For many students, college life is years of an active search of  their second half. Many even set a “get married successfully” goal when studying at the university.

Therefore, dear freshmen, if you still do not have a loved one, then it’s time to find them.

Just do not start the search from the very first day of education . Wait at least six months, look around. You have a few more years ahead, so you will definitely find the one you are looking for.

If you have not had close relations with the opposite sex, then be prepared – soon everything will happen . So be prepared, at least from the moral side. Do not be afraid to make contact, do not complicate things , and then you will find your soul mate very soon.

Plans for the future

When you come to study at university, you will immediately begin to think about what you will do after graduation.

After all, 4-5 years that you will study at a university is a very short period of time. We can say that college life is a moment. Therefore, many students are still thinking about who they are going to be 5-10 years after graduation. And it is alright. If you think about it, it means that you are not indifferent to your future.

Here we just say that college life will be the foundation, your “starting platform,” “guiding star.” If you have no purpose in life, then you will never achieve what you want. Also, it would be nice to have a plan of action to achieve the goal. A plan is a list of specific tasks that you need to complete in order to bring your goal closer to you.