College Expectations VS Reality

College Expectations VS Reality

College Expectations VS Reality

Sure, there will be times when you will be partying all night long and studying even longer. There will be a lot of new acquaintances and a lot of the long-awaited freedom. But your favorite movies about student life may have formed your wrong college expectations. We don’t say that everything you have seen on TV is not true, however, forewarned is forearmed. Don’t hesitate to read our list of college expectations of students vs reality to know what exactly you will face during your studying.

College expectation: all-night studying will be alright.

Reality: no way it will be alright.

First-year students often fall into trap of this expectation. When you just came to college, you don’t think that the homework load will be heavier than in high school. However, you will notice the difference once you write a 5-7 page draft of a research paper in one night.  Of course, you may try it out yourself. But trust us: it won’t be a pleasant experience.

College expectation: going out every night because you’re finally free.

Reality: need to stay inside because there’s a lot of homework to do.

College reality in regards to parties is different, too. Since you are not living with your parents anymore, they will not help with your college application essay. You will not only need to take time to study, but also to clean your room in a dormitory. Guess what will be your wish after all this work is done? Right, you would rather stay in your room watching Netflix, than go out to party.

College expectations: getting an A without studying for test.

Reality: failing the course because of low grade.

There are legends about that one student who didn’t study but still, got a great grade for the exam. College expectation vs reality will be a frustration if you decide to try it out. Just trust us, and don’t repeat it at home.

College expectation: loving the food in the dining hall.

Reality: getting bored of it soon.

Don’t get us wrong: you will have your lunches there and some food may even become your favorite. However, eating the same things for a long period of time is boring and you will start visiting other places to eat more often or will cook at the dorm kitchen more.

College expectation: still hanging out with your high-school friends after graduation often.

Reality: meeting once in a few months.

If you have a lot of friends left from your high school class, it is great. You used to watch movies together every weekend, do some shopping with the girls, or had a common hobby like attending gym.  But do not expect you will be meeting so often when you move to campus even if your colleges will not be far from your home. 

This fact becomes painful for those who are new to college reality and many of freshmen afraid of their relationships with friends to get worse. In fact, the only thing that will change is the frequency of your meetings. There is nothing you can do about it but accept you took different paths. 

Occasionally you will see each other when traveling home for a Thanksgiving day or for Christmas but still, hanging out with your new college buddies will substitute those fun times you had with your high school friends. Times changed and that’s okay.

College expectation: joining all possible extracurricular activities and staying active member of  the clubs.

Reality: visiting one or two meetings per week but receiving a few emails a  week.

We know that level ambition when you first come to college and wish to conquer all the clubs and extracurricular activities. What you can expect is that you will have time for only two of them on campus. A piece of advice we will give you regarding these expectations for college is to do not rush to sign up to every activity you meet during your first days. Take your time to think about what you really want to do in your first semester or a year and settle for one or two extracurricular activities. It will be better than unsubscribing from those annoying emails from clubs you weren’t going to attend at all.